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Find everything you need to stay up to date with the latest announcements and news about central Indiana Scouting. Find information about upcoming trainings, Scouting programs and more.

A one-stop shop for news, training materials and much more

This page serves as a hub for all information about central Indiana Scouting. With over 30,000 children participating in our programs and thousands of volunteers who support Scouting programs, we have a wealth of resources to share. This page covers everything from news and press coverage to FAQs, training information and much more.

Our Resource Library

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Searching for answers about anything relating to Scouting? Check our FAQs.

Recruitment Toolkit

This resource provides all the information you need to help recruit Scouts and volunteers.


From wilderness first aid to camping basics, we offer a wide range of training resources.

Keeping Scouts Safe

The safety of the youth we serve is our primary concern. See how we’re keeping Scouts safe.


Searching for a specific form? Check through our list of resources.

Commissioner Resources

Everything commissioners need to help oversee Scouting districts and councils.

Recharter Information

Look up information about our rechartering process, including our new online charter process.

Ideal Year of Scouting

Find all the help you need to plan a high-quality, year-round Scouting program.