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Annual Report

2023 Annual Report

In 2023, our Council witnessed remarkable growth, with membership surging by an impressive 13.02%, serving over 16,359 youth across central Indiana. Notably, our Cub Scout program (girls and boys, ages 5-11) experienced a growth of 20%. This growth is not merely statistical; it’s a testament to the unwavering commitment of our dedicated volunteers, who worked tirelessly to ensure that the benefits of Scouting were accessible to every youth in central Indiana.

Building on the success of the inaugural year, 2023 marked the second year of operation for the Skip + Alex Lange Innovation Center. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony last year, we anticipated the Innovation Center’s positive impact on the community and Scouting. True to our expectations, the Innovation Center hosted over 5,000 students through school field trips, providing them with team-building experiences and adventure programs last year. Additionally, over 2,900 guests engaged with the Innovation Center through Saturday passes, rentals, and birthday parties. Over 1,000 youth immersed themselves in the experience of summer camp at the Innovation Center, participating in Discovery Day Camp and Cub Scout Day Camp. These impressive numbers stand as a testament  to the Innovation Center’s profound impact in 2023, setting the stage for its continued growth in 2024 and beyond.

In 2024, we are doing more by doing it better and together. We are proud of our Cub Scout growth in 2023 and are already thinking of ways to improve in 2024. We will focus on growth in all Districts and programs. We will continue to utilize school access to get in front of youth who may never have the chance to be exposed to Scouting outside of a school environment. We will continue to build diversity in our membership and volunteer base (at the end of 2023, our total membership diversity was 39.30%) to better reflect the communities we serve. We will focus on programs like Exploring because we recognize the value of offering 14-20-year-olds the opportunity to experience various career paths. That is what Scouting is all about: trying new things. 

Growing our Scouting family is vital to this Council’s success, but maintaining and strengthening our current family will be a major focus as well. We will achieve this through unit service and offering outstanding service to our volunteers. In 2024, we will support and empower our Unit Leaders by being their definitive source on all things Scouting and enabling significant growth at every level. Communications will be stronger, more timely, and more strategically disseminated to audiences. Work has already been done to achieve this through the CAC Hub (our new web-based app) to make this easier for volunteers and families. We look forward to making this resource exceptional for all Crossroads of America Council constituents.

We will continue to make our summer camp programs a one-of-a-kind experience where kids receive hands-on experience with things not exposed to the classroom, like rock climbing, archery, STEM activities, and much more. In 2024, we will strive to make camp available to all Scouts regardless of location or financial obstacles. We’re committed to providing more camperships to Scouts so that every Scout can experience the pinnacle of Scouting.

In 2024, we’ll strive to pass the torch and illuminate the path for a brighter, more inclusive Scouting future. We’ll focus on balancing the present and the legacy we aim to leave. We will strengthen the fundamentals of what makes a remarkable experience for our families while innovating and expanding our program to attract the next generation of Scouts. It is imperative to embrace diversity in gender, ethnicity, background, and culture to deliver a program that will attract the next generation of Scouts. 

On behalf of the entire Crossroads of America Council, I want to share my gratitude for a successful 2023, and for your continued commitment in 2024.

Yours In Scouting,

Joseph E. Wiltrout
Scout Executive / President & CEO

Rafael Sanchez
Rafael A. Sanchez

Council President

Fippen Chuck_1057Final
Chuck P. Fippen

Council Commissioner

Joseph E. Wiltrout

Scout Executive / President & CEO