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Campsite Appraisal Form

Campsite Appraisal

Effective September 1, 2023, Cub Scout packs conducting their overnight camping activity may camp for up to two consecutive nights. Cub Scout packs conducting their overnight camping activities must continue to have at least one registered adult leader trained in Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO), oversee the planning, and be in attendance for the pack campout. This updated policy also applies to Webelos and Arrow of Light dens, which may conduct den-coordinated campouts. The policy will be updated in the Guide to Safe Scouting and other resources on September 1. An updated version of the BALOO training will also be released.

Remember, the Council must approve Cub Scout camping sites in advance. Council camps are the only sites appraised and approved for unit Cub Scout camping. 

To request an appraisal of an alternate site, please complete the form found at:

If you have any questions regarding the appraisal process, please email .

*Please allow up to 2 weeks to review and approve your alternate site. 

Currently Approved Campsites:

Brown County State Park

Camp Belzer

Camp Cullom

Camp Kikthawenund

Camp Krietenstein

Camp McMillian

Cecil M Harden Lake (Raccoon SRA)

Clifty Falls State Park Youth Camping Area

Morgan Monroe State Forest

Mounds State Park Youth Camping Area

Prairie Creek Park

Ransburg Scout Reservation

Twin Bridges Lodge

West Newton United Methodist Church