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Impact Stories

Scouting’s impact goes far beyond just the Scouts, it also creates positive life experiences for parents, adult volunteers and anyone who comes into contact with a Scout.

The Millán family

The Millán family has been involved with Scouting for the last 6 years. Over that time, Cameron and Evan have grown in their leadership abilities, interpersonal skills, and come closer as brothers. We’re grateful to Cameron, Evan, and Verónica Millán for sharing the great impact Scouting has on their family

Xavier Storm

Xavier’s Scouting journey began in the fourth grade. His Scouting story started like many others: a young kid brings home a flyer detailing all the fun they can have in Scouting, and immediately he was hooked.

Will Dantzler

Scouting parent Will Dantzler knows firsthand how Scouting can impact youth. Scouting has helped his son with communication skills and how to become a leader both in his Troop and in school. 

Madison Hulskotter

Madison is the recipient of the Merle Miller Eagle Scout Project Award at the 2022 Character in Action Awards Dinner. For her Eagle Scout project, Madison repaired a forty-foot multi-ton H-column steel cross in the bible garden of the Acton United Methodist Church. In addition to repairing the cross, she removed dead bushes and repainted the garden’s fence.


Carter S. from Troop 245 in Pathfinder District first struggled to make an ember. Attempt after attempt, he could only create smoke. After a Firecrafter councilor helped him choose a new piece of wood, Carter sparked an ember. “Go get wood!” is the celebratory call given to Firecrafters who have painstakingly craft an ember that will lead to their fire.

The Wente Family

Scouting runs deep in the Wente family. Learn more about the three-generation Scouting family who all attended Ransburg Scout Reservation this past summer.

Mike Nave

Meet Mike Nave, an Eagle Scout from Haughville who is now an IFD recruit. Scouting gave Mike a direction in life and a love for community service which inspired his future career as a firefighter.


Meet Tae, a Scout who lives on Indianapolis’s Northwest side and is a part of the all-female Troop 219 in Zionsville. Tae is a foster child who deals with some learning and emotional disabilities. Through Scouting, she has come out of her shell and found a support system. She was recently adopted in February by her foster mother, Amber.


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