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You are invited to join Cub Scouts!

Launch your adventure

For more information, contact the Crossroads of America Council at 317.813.7125 for assistance.

Scouting is for Everyone!

Kids need fun and adventure that will help them build confidence to find and forge a path to their own best self–today, and in the future. Your child can be a member of Scouting for only $117, which covers an entire year of membership. Some units may have additional fees to cover your child’s expenses. Don’t let price deter you; there are ways to offset your fees like participating in the popcorn sale or  financial assistance for those who qualify. Give your child a valuable gift by joining Scouting. The investment we make in our children today will make a difference in the person they become tomorrow.

Not a good fit?

If this unit does not meet your needs, others in the community may. Check out our unit locator to find additional options.