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Recharter FAQs

The Charter Organization Rep, Committee Chairman, Unit Leader, or any key 3 delegate has the ability to submit the Renewal.

Zip files are allowed when the “upload documents” button is clicked. Zip files are NOT allowed when adding a new paper application. A prior issue with uploading large zip files has been resolved.

A Key 3 can select a multiple, click “manage members” then “unmark as multiple.”

To register a youth in both programs, one program would need to be their primary registration and should collect the registration fee. The other program would then go to “Add new member” > “Existing Member” and enter the Scout’s information. This will mark the youth as a multiple in that program.

This is an example of a typical deficiency and requires follow-up between the Unit and Council registrar. The signatures are required. Please work with the appropriate individuals to obtain their signatures.

The Unit should have the ability to assign the parent to more than one youth that is a Tiger or Lion when submitting their renewal. Parents of twins is another such example.

The Key 3 and any Key 3 Delegate can change the position of the adult leader, or the Unit can submit an application to the Council registrar to make the change. New applications are not required to change positions during recharter only. Training for the new position is still required per Council policy.

The column “CBC” is referring to the status of if a current Criminal Background Check Authorization is on file. If an X is displayed, our systems do not detect a current authorization for that member. Please upload a signed CBC authorization for that member.

Yes, the Unit can submit the renewal, however, it will not auto-post. The council will review the renewal, verify YPT requirements and post once the YPT has been completed. Completed YPT Certificates can be uploaded to the individual and submitted with the renewal.

If there are only two adults (leaders) in the Club, the two adults should be registering as a multiple in the open positions in the Club. The Advisor (EA) may also register as the Post Committee Member (PMC) and the Post Committee Chair (PCC) may also register as the Post Committee Member (PMC).

The renewal approval is sent to the Post Committee Chair and Exploring Advisor.

WePay, the payment processor, is the entity with whom E-Check transactions occur. BSA simply receives a confirmation or failure status for the transaction. To begin, click the tiny link at the bottom of the modal which appears and asks you to select your bank. Once clicked, the bank routing and account number will need to be entered. Following this step, a series of microdeposits (typically 2 – 9 cents each) will be made to the account entered. An email will be sent from WePay to the email entered as the payor information every day for 30 days until confirmation. This email will ask the user to click to a form where they will need to confirm the microdeposit amounts. Once confirmed, the microdeposits will be reverted and the transaction amount – the full recharter amount – will be immediately withdrawn.

If your bank has denied your payment, an email will be sent to the person who submitted payment alerting them. The Unit should request the Council to return the charter which can now be re-opened, and payment can be resubmitted.

Once submitted, the Key 3 and Key 3 Delegates will receive an email requesting a digital signature. If necessary, the CC, UL and Key 3 Delegate may sign on behalf of the COR.

The COR is the preferred approver of the charter. However, if there is an issue or the COR prefers, any member of the Key 3, or their designee, is authorized to approve the charter.

If your email was not sent, you can return the recharter page and a button will become visible. The “Regenerate Charter” button will regenerate the email without reopening the recharter. Also check your junk mail to see if the email is located there.

Multiples are not able to toggle on/off since there is no registration fee associated with a multiple.

You must click the box next to the individual you would like to promote. Click Manage Members and remove the person from the charter. Then add them as a new member with the “New Paper Application” option. You will upload the new application, CBC (if applicable), and YPT (if applicable). The member id for the individual will remain the same.

The preferred method to pay is via paper check to Crossroads of America Council or by credit card over the phone. This will allow the council to make corrections to your roster if there are any errors or changes before posting. For this reason, e-check or credit card is NOT recommended. While credit card and e-check are faster, if there is any error, the National Service Center must unlock the charter for the Council to make corrections.

Still have questions? Contact Taylor Moga, Council Registrar.