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Support Youth in Your Community with a Scout Partnership

Scouting relies on community partners to enhance the program and provide more opportunities for our youth to learn and grow. There are a variety of opportunities to partner with Crossroads of America Council for a mutually beneficial relationship. If you or your organization is interested in partnering with Scouting in central Indiana, see below for contact information to discuss a potential partnership.

Activity or Program Partnerships

The Council partners with community organizations throughout the year to offer Scout units and families discounted and/or “behind the scenes” experiences at attractions and events. Activities range from educational STEM experiences to “Scout Night” at a local sports event. 

An application process is required. Please contact the Program Department by email or phone at (317) 813-7125 for more information.

After School Scouting Program

The After School (AS) Scouting Program provides Scouting to nearly 3,000 youth in a non-traditional setting through trained adult program leaders who facilitate weekly programming and serve as role models. The AS Scouting program provides scholarships for registration, uniforms, handbooks, and equipment to ensure a full Scouting experience while in an after/in-school setting, in partnership with local public schools, charter schools, and community organizations. Weekly pack/troop meetings, centralized events and camping opportunities are a few of the hallmarks of our program. Community partners are sought to provide leadership, materials, and program to help youth participate.

Sponsor an Activity

  • Pinewood Derby: Over 1,000 youth turn a block of wood into their own personalized car and race it against other Scouts.
  • City Hike: 150+ Scouting families spend the day hiking, cleaning up the outdoors, and end the day with a picnic.
  • Blue and Gold Banquet: Families come together for food, fun, and fellowship to celebrate the birthday of Scouting!
  • Court of Honor: Bi-annual ceremony for all youth in Scouts BSA to be recognized for earning ranks and merit badges.
  • June 2020 Family Campout: Families will learn the basic skills of overnight camping during the first-ever Family Campout at Belzer.
  • Camporees: An opportunity for youth in Scouts BSA to come together for the ultimate camping experience!

Sponsor a Camping Opportunity

  • Support a Cub Scout’s Summer Camp ($200): Day Camp at Belzer provides an opportunity for youth to learn a variety of important skills, including: STEM, swimming, archery, and environmental conservation. Transportation costs included.
  • Support an Entire Family’s Campout ($200): Your gift will go towards families participating in the June 2020 Family Campout. This is especially helpful for low-income Scouting families who may not have all the supplies necessary for camping trips.
  • Support a Scout BSA’s Summer Camp ($350): Week-long camp at Ransburg Scout Reservation where invested Scouts are able to participate in exciting programs, such as Firecrafter, horseback riding, and motor sports.

Please click here if you would like donate to these opportunities for youth and be sure to note the specific activity you would like your donation to support. We appreciate all donations and will use them to directly support After School Scouting Programs.

Donate Needed Supplies

With so many families participating in Scouting, there is a high-demand for camping items. Please contact Tara Boling for a more detailed list.

Volunteer Opportunities

The AS Scouting Program is ALWAYS in search of volunteers to offer assistance with events and programming.

Chartered Organizations

Civic, faith based, and educational organizations operate Scouting units to deliver the programs to their youth members, as well as the community at large. More than 100,000 Scouting units are owned and operate by chartered organizations in the nation. Of these:

  • 71.5% of all units are chartered to faith-based organizations
  • 21.3% of all units are chartered to civic organizations
  • 7.2% of all units are chartered to educational organization

The responsibilities of the chartered organization includes:

  • Providing adequate meeting facilities
  • Providing quality leadership for the Scouting unit
  • Appointing a chartered organization representative to coordinate all Scouting unit operations within the organization

Traditional Scouting

Civic, faith-based, and educational organizations operate Scouting units to deliver the programs to their youth members, as well as the community at large. The responsibilities of the chartered organization are to provide adequate meeting facilities, provide quality leadership for the Scouting unit and appointing a chartered organization representative to coordinate all Scouting unit operations within the organization.

If your organization is interested in becoming a chartered organization, contact us by email or by phone at (317) 813-7125.


Exploring is a career education program with a purpose to provide experiences to help young men and women identify career possibilities while having fun in an exciting and informal environment. Businesses and organizations initiate a specific Career Explorer post by matching their people and program resources to the interested of youth in the community. The result is a program of activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow, and develop.

If your organization is interested in Exploring, contact us by email or by phone at (317) 813-7125 for more information.

STEM Scouts

STEM Scouts is a national pilot program focused on fun ways for girls and boys to learn more about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) through hands-on activities led by STEM professionals. Through weekly meetings and four-to-six week modules that cover a variety of disciplines, STEM Scouts is designed to be fast-paced, thought-provoking and fun.

Contact Spencer Brink, Workforce Readiness Director, by email or by phone at (317) 813-7078 for more information.


Catholic Committee on Scouting

The Catholic Committee on Scouting-Indianapolis is a group liaison with the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, serving youth in all forms of Scouting. Click here to view the committee’s contact information.

Jewish Committee on Scouting

The Mission of the Jewish Committee on Scouting is to support the Jewish Community in Scouting, helping youth and families to pursue their Jewish Religious Emblems, and encourage young Jewish youth to join Scouting in their community. Click here to learn about Scouting for Jewish Youth.

Sustainability/Conservation Committee

The Sustainability/Conservation Committee provides the council with technical assistance and expertise regarding matters of ecology, conservation, and resources management to guide policy making and operational decisions regarding the management of the council’s natural and cultural resources, promotion of conservation-related training, and advancement of conservation programs.

Training Committee

The Training Committee ensures that that all leaders our trained to carry out their responsibilities and learn the skills of leadership needed to impact our youth including training beyond the “basics”—training that will make our program more meaningful for youth and adults.

Service Opportunities

Helping others is one of the fundamental values of Scouting and allows Scouts to see the value to contributing to their community. Organizations and groups seeking volunteers to assist with projects or events are encouraged to contact us. Furthermore, the Council has service opportunities and team-building activities for organizations and groups seeking an organized staff/team activity day. 

Contact the Program Department by email or phone at (317) 813-7125 for more information. 


District Sponsor – $5,000

  • Two seats at the Governor’s Luncheon for Scouting
  • Business logo prominently displayed on all district emails from Scout Office
  • Business logo and website URL distributed monthly in the district e-newsletter
  • Business logo prominently displayed in the district’s section of the Crossroads of America Council website
  • Business banner (provided by your business), displayed at all district events
  • Products or promotional brochures (provided by your business) handed out at monthly leadership meetings.

Click here to locate your District Executive to get started.

District Membership Sponsor – $2,500

  • Business logo on and website URL will be distributed monthly in the district e-newsletter
  • Business logo displayed on membership fliers handed out to every kindergarten through 5th grade student in the service area
  • Business logo and sponsorship promoted on district Facebook page at least twice from May to October
  • Fliers or promotional business brochures provided by your business included in district new leader welcome packets this fall

Click here to locate your District Executive to get started.

Strategic Partnerships

The Council is actively involved in several strategic partnerships with area organizations such as Marian University, Your Life Matters Initiative, Indy Do Day and many more. Partnerships range from media and event sponsorship/participation to research and programming. 

Contact the Marketing & Public Relations team by email for more information.

Have a community partnership idea that does not fit into one of the categories above?