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About Us

This is a place for
Fun Adventure Learning Growth

The Skip + Alex Lange Innovation Center was built for both youth and adults to have exciting experiences that are challenging and fun.

From facing fears of heights to thinking creatively, there is an activity here for everyone. We offer programming for anybody, whether you are associated with a school, a community group or Scouting Unit.

We offer many different programs and activities including:

  • Rock Climbing and Bouldering
  • SkyTrail® Air Adventure Course
  • MakerSpace Crafts
  • Robotics & Drones Discovery
  • Indoor Archery


We hope that we can serve you and your group’s needs at this exciting facility!

Welcome to the Lange Innovation Center

Aaron Vikemyr

Aaron Vikemyr

Indianapolis Scout Center Director

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Rob Tankersley

Rob Tankersley

Director of Customer Service
Thank you for your interest in the amazing opportunities for indoor and outdoor, multipurpose educational learning and adventure.
Our newly refurbished building will be the home of fun activities for everyone. With rock climbing and bouldering, indoor archery, an air adventure course and much more, the Lange Innovation Center offers an abundance of opportunities for learning experiences for your group.
It is our goal to provide the highest quality experiences for all youth to grow, learn and thrive. We seek to create the best opportunities for any person who enters our facility to expand their confidence, gain new skills and explore the world around them.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For questions about classes and events:

For registration questions, group reservations and sales:

From the Belzer Fieldhouse
to the Skip + Alex Lange Innovation Center

The Camp Belzer Fieldhouse was built in 1932 and is significant for its illustration of the Boy Scouts of America’s mission to positively influence the character development of young people. The building displays its role in the development of youth through its noble positioning on Camp Belzer’s campus and its unaltered, original facade of earth tones, featuring Indiana limestone.

The fieldhouse was first ideated by Chief Scout Executive F. O. Belzer in the Indianapolis Council’s Board of Directors meeting in July of 1929. He wanted the “recreation shelter hall” built because the camp had no place for Scout activities and programs to continue during inclement weather, as Indiana so often deals with.

The fieldhouse was completed in the summer of 1932. It originally held a campfire arena, stage and bleachers for Scout ceremonies. Archery and shooting rangers were also constructed indoors which were beneath the bleachers. An arena for track and field events was also built inside the fieldhouse. We are glad that in the 2021-2022 renovations of the fieldhouse, indoor archery was brought back to life inside the Lange Innovation Center.

In 1948, the front section of the fieldhouse was converted into workshops and storage for the camp ranger. The original footprint of the Belzer fieldhouse was changed after 1958 when the back half of the building was demolished. For many years, the fieldhouse served only as the maintenance facility for camp rangers until 2021, when a new maintenance facility was constructed and remodeling began for the Skip + Alex Lange Innovation Center.